Costumes for the Holiday Recital are property of Be Famous Dance Center.  Costumes will be in assigned dressing areas at the auditorium for dancers to wear during dress rehearsal and the show.  Costumes will be turned in before dismissal after the show.

Nude Leotards & Tights

All dancers will need to arrive at both dress rehearsal and show time call times wearing their tights and nude leotards with a button down or zip up shirt/jacket covering them.  Dancers who participated in the June 2023 recital will wear the nude leotard that was provided for that show - we will not be providing new nude leotards for returning students until the June 2024 recital.  New students that joined us in July 2023 or later will be provided with a nude leotard for this performance, but will need to hold on to it for the June 2024 recital!  One pair of tights will be provided to all recreational dancers for this performance.


Personals are items that the dancer must provide for the show.  Below is a list of what you will need to provide for your dancer.

All Returning Dancers (performed in June 2023 Recital):  Nude Leotard

All Competition Team Dancers:  Tan Stirrup Tights

Jr & Teen BalletPink Tights

Homeschool (W 2:30-3:30) & Recreational (Tues 5-5:30) Hip Hop classes:  Black Leggings (boys: black sweatpants)



Required shoes have been listed all year.  If your dancer does not have the correct shoes, they must be purchased from the studio dance shop no later than Dec 1st.  Correct assigned shoes must be worn with costumes.  Dancers who do not have the correct shoes will not be allowed to participate in Dress Rehearsal or Recital. 


Tights & Undergarments

To help with modesty during costume changes, a nude leotard and tights are required under all costumes.  NO other undergarments are to be worn with costumes, unless pull-ups are necessary.  Older dancer’s needing to wear appropriate bras must make sure that all straps are concealed!

How to layer your dancer before checking them in:


2. Tan Stirrup tights for any dancers in Contemporary OR Tan Footed tights for all other dancers. (This layer will never be removed from your child.)

3. Nude Leotard. (This layer will never be removed from your child.)

 Stage Appearance Guidelines

To appear as professional as possible, the wearing of extra hairpieces, jewelry, fingernail or toenail polish is not permitted during the recital.  All students are given a specific hairstyle for the recital.  All students will be required to wear false eyelashes. 

·       Costumes and dancewear are designed to not need additional undergarments, just like swimwear.  Underwear is not permitted under costumes – this is what tights are for!  (Dancers not fully potty-trained should wear a pull-up under their costume in case of an accident.  We do not have extra costumes on hand!)  Dancers seen wearing additional undergarments will be sent to remove them before entering the stage.  We will not hold up the show for dancers who fail to adhere to this policy. 

·       Please layer your child’s tight so that they do not need to be completely exposed while changing.  Example:  Tan stirrup tights always go on the bottom (1st) this way we can put other tights on top.  If your child is not in a dance that has stirrup tights, tan footed goes on the bottom.  Dancers should arrive with this already done to both dress rehearsal and recital.

·       Older dancers that must wear additional bra support, must make sure that absolutely no part of the bra is visible!  All straps must be pinned to the costume accordingly.  Absolutely NO CLEAR STRAPS allowed, as they reflect light and look unprofessional on stage.

·       Dancers must pass the “shake test” for secure hair.  They will need to turn their head upside down and shake their head to make sure their hair will not come down on stage.  Dancers whose hair is not secure will need to re-do it before entering the stage.  We will not hold up the show for dancers who fail to adhere to this policy.

·       BOYS – Boys should provide their own Black dress socks.  Boys should wear Black briefs or boxer briefs under all costumes, and make sure that they are not visible.

·       All dancers with a bun as their assigned hairstyle will need to wear a hairnet.

·       No jewelry!

·       No gum!

·       No holes or runs in tights!

·       No holes in shoes!

·       No glitter!



Please send your dancer to Non-Dress Rehearsal, Dress Rehearsal, and Recital with a towel to sit on, laundry basket to drop all costume and shoe items in after use, and a water bottle.  All items should be labeled with the dancer's first and last name!